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Car Insurance For College Students

As a young driver, one that is about to embark on a new and exciting path to college, many different experiences will come your way. There are also many things to learn that will help you excel in life. Having a car is one thing that can expand the experiences and opportunities students have while in college. While many schools do not let first-year students have cars, and sometimes second-year students of college as well, many do. For students that attend colleges who have restrictions for when on-campus students can have cars in their lots, there is often an internal countdown that happens, counting down the days until the additional freedom a car provides comes.

For adults that are sending their high school students off to college for the first time soon, the shell shock of the price tag for student’s tuition payments can prevent people from wanting to spend even more money on things like car insurance, gas money, and other expenses that can come from sending a child off to college. That said, there are many benefits to providing your new college student with a mode of transportation while they are attending school. If you are a college student that is looking to pick up your own insurance, there are plenty of tips here for that too. It is a good idea to read this entire article, which provides tips that apply to two groups, those seeking car insurance for college students provided by parents and those who are college students looking to get their own insurance.

Car Insurance For College Students Provided By Parents

Being the parent of a college student can come with many expenses, but it can also come with increased distance. Your child may even be moving to a new zip code. For many parents, whether or not their child has a car will impact how much they get to see their children in general. Having a car can make it a lot easier for them to come to visit for the weekend or for family events. Cars can also help students who choose to work during their college years get to their jobs. Having a job, even part-time, can help provide a much-needed influx of money for expenses that students can incur during their education years.

Many studies have been done regarding the cost of car insurance and how expensive it can be for younger drivers to pick up their own policy. While adding a child to your automobile policy can drastically increase your insurance premiums, studies have shown that it costs even more money for a young driver to get their own car insurance.

The good news is that many insurance providers, including this one, provide discounts and other opportunities for college students and their families to lower the cost of automobile insurance premiums and save. Even better, some of these discounts also apply to young drivers that are still in high school. Student-friendly discounts are one of a few ways to help college students get cheaper car insurance rates.

General Insurance provides discounts such as the good student discount, which decreases insurance rates. For students that focus on school and get good grades, they are rewarded with lower automobile insurance rates. This can be one way to keep your college students motivated and wanting to get good grades. There are many other benefits that car insurance companies provide to new drivers and college students. Many insurance companies offer roadside assistance, which can be helpful the driver accidentally leaves their lights on and needs a jump or if they lock their keys in their car. Roadside assistance can also help with flat tires and other situations that can arise when your student is traveling.

In addition to providing price breaks for students with good grades, additional discounts can come in the form of additional driver’s education classes. Finding a class that helps both newly licensed drivers, as well as those that have been on the road for many years, continue to learn to become safer drivers can also help them save money on their rates and decrease the likelihood of an accident. Of course, as a parent whose child is on your insurance policy, you will get the savings. Some education programs help students reach goals like avoiding cell phone use, among others. Classes can save drivers up to 15% or more on their rates when coupled with maintaining a safe driving record.

In some cases, auto insurance companies decrease rates for college students when the amount of driving that happens is minimized. Lower amounts of driving mean less risk for insurance companies. Many full time students have everything they need right on campus or in reach with public transit. If having a car is mainly for coming home to visit, you may be able to get lower rates on your policy.

For students that are just getting a car for the first time, or are getting a new car, pay attention to the car insurance rates for specific vehicles. Often, used cars can cost quite a bit less for car insurance. In addition, you will not need to get full coverage. To get a car loan or for leasing a car, leasing or loaning companies often require full coverage in their terms. This can cost quite a bit more money for younger drivers. Purchasing a car that has low insurance rates can keep more money in your wallet.

Is your college student bringing a TV, laptop, and other expensive equipment and items to college? You may want to consider renters insurance. How does this impact things? Well, having multiple policies with one company can qualify you for a significant discount. Renters insurance is a fantastic idea and can help students getting their own policies save too. More policies mean more discounts.

When Students Leave The Car At Home

Leaving the car at home during the school year is something that does happen for a good many students. If a university does not allow first-year students or sophomore students to have their cars on campus, there are insurance options available. It is important to note that having a considerable lapse in insurance on a vehicle can cause substantial increases in premium costs. Because of this, car insurance providers offer a number of ways for people to deal with smaller amounts miles or the garaging of vehicles. By utilizing these offerings by car insurance companies, you can save quite a bit of money while your college student is off learning. When they come home for the summer, you can put them on an insurance plan that fits their needs while they are back.

In short, there are a few prominent ways to save money on car insurance as a college student.

  1. Get on a parent, or older drivers’, policy.
  2. Take advantage of good student discounts.
  3. Look into low mileage policies.
  4. Consider garaging the car if it not used during the school year.
  5. Get good roadside assistance through your insurance company.
  6. Consider an older car and/or one with higher safety ratings.
  7. Bundling insurance policies can save money.

There are many ways that money can be saved by college students and their family when it comes to car insurance, and other types of insurance as well. Many of the tips for saving money apply to everyone, no matter their age. Doing good research and comparing car insurance rates among multiple companies is a good example. At General Insurance, we provide fantastic customer service, and our agents are ready to answer your questions and get you set up with the best policy.


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