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No Down Payment Car Insurance

Getting excellent car insurance without a down payment is something that many people seek out, but few find. It is not very easy to find this type of car insurance, though it sounds appealing. Most car insurance companies require that customers make a down payment. At first glance, it seems cheaper to not pay one, but that is most often not the case. Most automobile insurance companies want customers that are going to keep their policy for a more extended period of time, rather than cancel it as soon as their vehicle is purchased.

It's also a matter of risk. People who seek out car insurance with no down payment are more likely to cancel their policy after a shorter period. While there is not a significant chance that you will find zero down payment car insurance or low-down-payment car insurance, it is still a good idea to look at why insurance companies use down payments and what your options are.

Why Do Down Payments Exist

Auto insurance companies use down payments for pretty much the same reason they are able to exist as companies. Car insurance, by nature, is designed to predict risk and to prepare for it. Because of this, the best clients for insurance companies are the ones that provide as little risk as possible. Car insurance companies utilize down payments because the statistics they study show that a client who is unwilling to pay a down payment is much more likely just to want secure insurance to avoid things like registration penalties or to meet the requirements of a car dealership. These types of clients may end up costing insurance companies more in the long run.

Also, an insurance provider does a lot of background work in order to stay in business. This can include maintaining knowledge of your full driving report, which costs money. There are other administrative costs, operational costs, and other expenses that continuously cost money.

Most often, the down payment that you paid for car insurance is not an additional premium. Instead, it gets built into the rate you pay for liability insurance, as well the other insurance types you select. A driver's down payment tends to get deducted from future payments that the driver makes. If you pay a more substantial down payment, future payments will cost less. Because of this, it is essential to understand that your down payment is part of your premium in the future. It can be difficult to estimate how much a car insurance company will ask for your down payment, many insurance companies allow customers to choose from a wide range of amounts.

Saving Money On Car Insurance

Down payments are another financial consideration for anyone that is buying automobile insurance. It is something that can affect decisions about which company a person decides to go with. All in all, because of the nature of down payments, most often the company that offers cheap car insurance, along with the best customer service and offerings, is the one to go with. You want the best bang for your buck.

Making Smart Claims

One way that you can save money is by making smart decisions with your claims. If a claim you are looking to make will raise your rates more than the cost of repairs over time, it may not make sense. The amount your insurance increases can depend on the value of the claim. Talking to your insurance agent can help with determining your options when it comes to making a claim. Many times, using your auto insurance is the best choice. Accidents can result in substantial expenses, and those expenses are what auto insurance companies are here to help with. If the costs from damage are larger than the premium increases, you may want to make a claim. Here are some tips to help you determine whether making a claim is your best choice.

  • Get a few estimates for the repair costs.
  • Look at the data about insurance increases, or ask your insurance company.
  • If it will cost you less to pay out of pocket, do that.
  • If it will cost you less to make a claim, in the long run, do that.

Getting The Right Policy

Another way you can save money is by getting the insurance policy that best fits your needs. General Insurance provides an extensive range of plans, with multiple payment options. With our tools and agents helping you, you will get the best plan for your needs. Too little coverage, and you will spend a lot more than you want if a costly situation occurs. On the other side of it, if your car is worth a lot less than what you are covered for, you may be paying too much for your premiums. Let General Insurance assist in finding the best value for your specific needs.

Car Insurance Discounts

Standard insurance companies generally do not advertise policies that do not include down payments. They are risky policies for insurance companies to provide and tend to attract high-risk drivers. There are many other ways to save, from discounts and getting the right policy to your needs to focusing on driving safely and making smart claims.

Discounts that drivers can qualify for include:

  • Good driver discount.
  • Safety devices.
  • Multi-policy discounts.
  • Discounts for paying in full.
  • Multi-vehicle discounts.

Discounts like these and others add up when it comes to savings. Remember, the top way to get the right policy, as well as the best rates, is to talk to a General Insurance agent or get a quote from our website. Simply enter your zip code and get started with free quotes today.

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