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How Much Extra Does It Cost To Add Someone To Your Auto Insurance Policy?

There are many reasons that a person might want to add someone to their auto insurance policy. Whether it is because of a significant life event like a marriage or a teenager of getting their driver’s license for the first time, adding a person can be not only cost-efficient, but it can also help protect you financially. There are many cases where someone lends another person their car out of convenience or need. Adding this person to their auto insurance policy can help protect you. Knowing how much it will cost to add another driver to your car insurance plan is good to know before you start comparing policies. It may make sense to get multiple auto insurance quotes from numerous companies. Comparison-shopping can help drivers save money on their auto insurance plan. This is especially true when the driver being added has recent traffic violations or accidents.

How Much Extra Does It Cost To Insure Another Driver On Your Policy?

In some cases, it does not cost any additional money to add another driver to your auto insurance plan. This depends on several variables, however. If the driver is a younger driver, like a teenager or driver in their early 20s, your car insurance rates will likely go up if you add them as a driver to one of your vehicles. If they are a more experienced driver with no accidents or traffic violations, your auto insurance rates might not go up that much.

Whenever a car insurance company quotes a person an auto policy price or sells an auto policy, they weigh the risk the additional driver brings. This is why people who have more accidents or violations will increase car insurance premiums more. If you are a younger, more risky driver, and you add your parents, who have a clean driving record and more experience, it is even possible for your car insurance rates to go down. For the opposite, if you are a parent and add your teenage driver to a policy, your auto insurance rates are more likely to go up. This is because younger drivers are more likely to get into automobile accidents. These drivers, under the age of 25, are often considered to be high-risk drivers to insurance providers.

Who Should Be Listed As An Additional Driver?

This means that it may make sense to compare pricing to see who should be listed as the additional driver and who should be listed as the primary driver on a policy. Even within the same automobile insurance company, the rates for these policies could be different. Outside of that, it is essential to compare car insurance companies to find the best prices. Each auto insurance carrier uses a different set of variables to determine car insurance plan premiums. Due to this, each company will charge different rates, and by finding the one that costs the least, you can get the best prices available for car insurance plans. Remember, however, that the cheapest policy might not always be the best plan. Make sure to get the best plan to suit your needs, including the right coverage amounts for you. Also, take into the consideration customer service and financial strength of companies when purchasing a policy.

Who Should Pay For The Insurance?

Who pays for the insurance? The lead driver should be the owner of the vehicle. Whoever is listed on the title deeds, and pays the tax on the car, should be the one who pays for the policy. If you try to take insurance out in another way, it is called fronting. This is an illegal activity and could lead to a criminal conviction. In addition, it is possible that the auto insurance carrier will not pay out a claim if an accident occurs. Regardless of who pays for the car, the deeds for the vehicle should be in the name of the person who drives the car most. This person should be the lead driver on the policy. In some cases, insurance providers will refuse to add new or drivers as named drivers on a vehicle that already has a plan.

How Is The Driver Added To Your Policy?

Drivers are added to the car insurance plan by contacting the company and requesting their names to be added. The insurance company will ask for information before deeming this person to be a named driver on the policy. A named driver is a person who is covered by a car insurance plan but only drives the vehicle occasionally. The person listed on the deed will be the lead driver, also called the primary driver, and should be the one who owns the car and drives the vehicle most of the time. Some of the information the auto insurance provider will ask for will include the person’s name, age, marital status, address, occupation, and driving record.

What Happens If There’s An Accident?

If there is an accident, it is essential to know the process you should be going through. Keep in mind that your no-claims will be affected by the accident. In addition, you will still need to pay the excess on the policy. This is important to note because if you insure somebody and they get into an accident, you might end up paying money as the policyholder if they do not. In addition to your no-claims being affected, the named drivers on the policy will have their no-claims also affected. If you are looking to protect your bonus, you can ask a friend or family member to list you as a named driver so you can keep it going if you may lapse on insurance otherwise. There are many benefits to listing other people on your insurance policy, and balancing risk and cost are essential. Get the best prices for car insurance available here at General Insurance and get free quotes from multiple companies to find the best car insurance policy for you.


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