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What is High Performance Car Insurance?

When you hear high performance car insurance you might be thinking of a type of car insurance that works extra hard to do you right. However, this is actually a special type of car insurance that protects high performance cars! What would you cover with this type of insurance? High performance cars have special needs because they have unique parts and you drive them a lot faster than other vehicles. Get the coverage you need for the car you have put so much into!

What Types of Cars Need This?

Basically, any car that has any customization to the important parts needs high performance car insurance. This could include a reprogrammed engine, custom exhaust pipe or a custom fuel system. If you have a custom wheel size, lowered or raised suspension, and brake modifications you will also need this type of insurance. Finally, any car with a unique type of engine like a supercharged, nitro or hydrogen component, custom steering, or racing harnesses will need special coverage.

What it Covers

High performance car insurance is here for a good reason. It gives you the coverage you need for your special car that you have put a lot of work into. First of all, a concept called agreed value is important for collector car insurance. This will have you agreeing upon the value for your car with your insurance company. You will not have to worry that you won’t get your worth back if your car is totalled. You also get to go with your choice of mechanic. Normal car insurance policies have preferred garages, but you know your car well so you can take it to your guy who has probably helped you customize the thing anyways. This special type of insurance also works to recognize the value added by your customized modifications. Performance insurance will also cover specialized costs related to replacing the car should anything go wrong, and it allows you to claim the salvage title of the car instead of having to give it over to the insurance company who will then sell it for scrap. These are some important benefits for car fans.

Who Should Get it?

Besides having specialized motor vehicle additions, there are some other qualities to help you decide if you should get high performance car insurance. If you drive your car on a race track or intend to race it in any way, you will need this type of coverage. Also, if you want the extra security of knowing that you’ll be covered in many cases, this is worth it to get. It’s basically for anyone who likes to go fast, has mods on their car that help them do that, and who want to drive fast on the track or enjoy their specialty car without fear.

How to Save

It’s no secret that high performance car insurance is more expensive than some others. That’s why people don’t have it for their everyday vehicles. But, there are ways that you can save on your coverage. First of all you can get laid up coverage for those times when you are not driving the vehicle. This will still cover it against things like a tree falling on it, but it costs a lot less than if you were out on the road every day. There are also low mileage car insurance options or even pay-as-you-go mile based options which is great for people who might drive on a road trip one month, but then not drive the car for the next 6 months. If your car has a lot of safety features installed you can also get some discounts usually.

So, if you have a special car that you want to get insurance for, don’t just get the normal stuff. You need that high performance option that will cover the full value of the car and it is sold by people who know cars so they know how special your ride is to you. It’s a great idea and if you are interested in it, just fill out the free form here on General Insurance to see how to get access.

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