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Why Your Life Insurance Declined

Why (And What To Do If) Your Life Insurance Is Declined

Here will we will be describing some of the top reasons why your life insurance can be declined.

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Cancer is a very high risk for insurance companies. If your application is going to be a success, it will be dependent on factors such as the type and stage of the cancer. Other factors also have an impact, like the grade of cancer it is.

Heart Disease

While heart disease does not mean you are not going to be able to get insurance, there are a lot fewer companies that will cover you.


If your body mass index is too high, your life insurance can be declined. Fortunately, this is something that most people can change if they decide to.


There are both major and minor strokes, and these are usually looked at differently. Often an insurance company will decline your application if you have recently had a stroke. Sometimes the application will be postponed until the insurance company thinks you are in stable condition.


So long as it is controlled, it may not affect your ability to get life insurance. If it isn’t controlled, you can often get it under control. If you want insurance and have diabetes, you may need to work with a broker that has a specialization in diabetes.

Dangerous Occupation

Some jobs are considered more dangerous than insurance companies want to cover. If your job is dangerous, it may make life insurance harder to get. Some of these jobs include minor, pilot, drilling platform worker, police bomb squad, and others like them.


This used to be practically impossible, but that has been changing. You may have to look around, but some insurance companies are starting to say yes to applications.

Alcohol And Drug Use

If you have a history of excessive drinking or use illegal drugs, you will be declined for life insurance. If you are able to stay clean for an amount of time, insurers will consider your policy. The amount of time you need to be sober varies from one insurance company to another.


Careless driving is a risk, and some insurer will deny coverage to people that fit in that category. A DUI is even more likely to be covered. Good driving habits are good if you are applying for life insurance, and that is something you can practice now. If you have a policy, careless driving (or a DUI) can be a cause to cancel an existing policy as well.

What To Do If Any Of These Apply To You

If you apply for life insurance and get declined, the first step is to do some research. One of the reasons insurance rates vary so much is because different insurance companies look at different factors differently. Depending on how they group risk, some companies may insure what may do not. A life insurance broker can help you find the companies that will cover your situation. Contact us and we can help answer your questions about this.

Another option is to look at alternative policy options. Not all policies require a medical assessment. Other life insurance products include guaranteed issue and simplified issue policies. If it appears that you cannot get traditional life insurance, and you have exhausted that search, some professionals recommend looking at simplified issue policies next. A life insurance broker can help answer these questions, our agents are also standing by to answer questions and assist.

Another option that you sometimes have is to change the situation yourself. Depending on why your policy is declined, there may be options that you can put forward to get yourself in a position to obtain coverage. In other situations, time can prove stability. Time can sometimes move you’re from the declined column to the approved column. Contact our insurance agent for more information.

Final Note

There are more reasons that a health insurance application can be declined, and each is unique. If your health insurance company declined your application, they are required to give you the reason(s) why. With that knowledge and the help of dedicated professionals like those at General Insurance, you can find the right insurance company to help you with your needs.

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