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Which is the Cheapest Home Insurance Company?

Have you been wondering which is the cheapest home insurance company? There are so many options that you might have a hard time figuring out which one you should go with, but that’s why we created this website, to help everyone who wants to get covered by home insurance find the cheapest rates. Whether you’ve already got a plan and you want to see if a different one can help you save or you would like to get home insurance for the first time ever because you are a new homeowner. While there is not one company that will lead to better home insurance prices, because each situation is completely different, but there are some great things you can do that are so easy that will get you cheaper rates by basically doing nothing.

Let’s start with the things that are the easiest to do. First of all, many people get a discount on their home insurance just for signing up. Some people get that discount for up to two years so that is pretty significant. There are other discounts that could be as easy as a setting on your home insurance. First off there are discounts for going paperless for your billing needs. This is great because you will get less mail at your house and you will also save the environment and the trees. You can also get a discount for going with auto-pay which will save you a lot of time and you won’t have to worry about remembering to pay the bill which could slip from your memory because life is just so busy all of the time. The other thing you can do it try to pay your premium all at one time. You can save a lot by doing any of these simple things which really don’t require any more than you to click a button on the website of the insurance company that you choose. You can also have lower home insurance rates from just having no claims on your account for a certain number of years. Even if you do end up getting one if you just wait a few years and go claims free, your rates will go down.

There are of course other discounts that will require you to do more than just about nothing. If you want to save big you can make some changes to your house. If you want to get new appliances, upgrade your wiring or other things, you can save a lot. Getting some safety gear can go a long way when it comes to home insurance. This can be something like a sprinkler fire suppression system, a security alarm or even just having a fire extinguisher in your kitchen. You can also have certain types of locks on your doors or get a smart home device that will keep an electronic eye on your home while you are not there.

Other discounts have to do with where your home is located. Different areas have different types of home insurance rates because of many different factors. There are places that have a typically higher income for their average residents. Even if your home is cheaper in these places, you may still see higher home insurance rates. That’s because vandals and robbers may be attracted to the things that are expensive in these other homes even if yours is not quite as nice. It’s hard to tell the difference sometimes! Another thing that can affect the cost of your home insurance is the actual value of your home or the current costs that it would take to replace it if something happened to it. You can get discounts on home insurance if your home is located in a gated community or in an area with a homeowners association (HOA.)  That’s because there is always someone around to keep an eye on things and especially in the case of a gated community there is added security that home insurance companies love to see.

You could even possibly get a lower home insurance rate just by retiring from your job. That’s because retired people are at home a lot more and they will be more likely to be around when you need to catch a fire from getting out of control or something else like that. If you haven’t told your home insurance company that you’ve retired yet you should because you will probably be able to save. There are a lot of discounts given to older people and retired people in general, and home insurance is one of the ones that you should take advantage of. Get some use out of all the time you spend hanging out around the house!

Other improvements to your home to protect it could make a difference. If you add an impact resistant roofing option you could save a lot on your home insurance because your roof is less likely to need replacing after a rough hail storm or some other wind event. You can also get storm shutters if you would like to protect your home even further. 

Probably the number one way that you can save money on your home insurance and in many other areas of your life is to stop smoking. Smoking is a bad habit that gives you high health costs including insurance and treatments themselves. It also gives you high life insurance too and home insurance rates are higher for smokers as well. This is because when you are a smoker you can have more accidents that would cause a fire from matches, lighters or lit cigarettes. It is all too easy to fall asleep with a lit cigarette in your mouth after a long day when you are trying to relax, which is why smoking is not good for your home insurance rates!

These discounts are applicable to all areas of home insurance including dwelling coverage which is the main part of the insurance. This covers your home against fires, hail and wind damage in most areas of the country. If you live in a place that is frequented by tornadoes or hurricanes, you will need to double check what is covered exactly by your home insurance policy because many policies will not cover these things without an extra coverage rider. If you haven’t done some research about what your plan actually does cover then this is essential. The other area of home insurance that is part of it is personal property coverage. This type of insurance covers your personal belongings which everyone has. If you have expensive electronics or furniture you will want this. The one thing to note is that it does not cover cash so you will want to get that cash into the bank or at least a fire resistant safe at home!

Finally there is the part of home insurance that is all about liability coverage. This is something that will cover you no matter what happens on your property. If your dog bites someone you could be held liable for your dog’s behavior even if your dog has been a sweetheart in the past. If someone slips and falls on your property, they could sue you or need help with their medical payments. If you damage someone else’s property, you could be held liable in that case too!

So now that you know all about home insurance, you are one step closer to finding out the answer to the question of which is the cheapest home insurance company. This is a simple question to answer when you’ve got a friend like General Insurance on your side. We have a great system that will allow you to quickly find out which company has the cheapest rates available for you just by filling out a short form with one question. Try it right now and you’ll see why so many have tried it.

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