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Where are Discount Car Insurance Quotes

Everyone who is looking for car insurance wants to get discount car insurance quotes. We have those right here, but they definitely depend on a variety of factors that all have to do with you, your car and your driving record. There is no magic thing that will get you cheaper car insurance but there are plenty of discounts that you can get even if you have a poor driving record or you have bad credit. Here are just a few of them! Be sure to ask your insurance company if you are eligible for any discounts. It can’t hurt to ask.

Good Drivers

Good drivers are cheaper to insure. Everyone knows that. That’s because car insurance companies base their rates on how likely they think it will be that you will get in an accident. So some companies offer discounts to good drivers right off the bat while others will make you wait for that discount for a few years while you’ve been on their policy to prove that you are a good driver. In addition, some companies will give you a lower deductible if they know that you are a good driver. Each year your deductible will go down if you stay accident free. You will have to research specific companies to see what their policies are.

Club/Affiliation Discounts

If you are an alumni of certain schools, participate in certain activities, have certain other memberships to organizations, many car insurance companies can give you a discount. And, these discounts are pretty steep too! They are often as much as 25% off of your coverage. So, your old alma mater could still be helping you out in a big way even if you haven’t stepped foot on campus in a few years or even decades! Also, some companies have a loyalty discount in which your rate goes down once you’ve been with the company for a few years. Deployed military members can see discounts as deep as 90%.

Equipment and Safety Features

Cars with safety features like anti-lock brakes or other things like an anti-theft installation device will get up to a 20% discount depending on the measure taken and the company. Now depending on this company this could be per device or just a total for taking extra protection for yourself and your car. In addition, certain types of cars will have discounts. Car insurance companies love hybrid vehicles because since it has two different systems that run the car, they tend to have less wear and tear on both of them and they last a long time.

Policy Holder Discounts

Depending on who you are and how you handle your car insurance, you could be eligible for some more discounts on your discount car insurance quotes. College students with good grades can save a lot, as can students who live far away from home without access to a vehicle, but who drive a car when they come home to visit. Additionally, kids in high school or college can save a lot when they get a driving course to prove they are safe on the road. If you have other types of insurance with the same company you may find that you can easily get discounts because companies love to see that type of loyalty. So if you have renter’s insurance or homeowner’s, consider getting them all with the same company.

Are you ready to get discount car insurance quotes? You’ve already done some good work by making it here to General Insurance. You can find out what cheap rates are waiting for you by filling out the form here for free and see what the top car insurance companies have in store for you.

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