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What is the Cheapest Home Insurance?

What is the cheapest home insurance? This is a question that many home owners find themselves asking themselves. There is no one definitive answer to this question that can satisfy every single person who asks it, but there are some general guidelines you can follow. There are many ways to save on home insurance even if you aren’t quoted the cheapest rate to start off with.

The basis of savings on home insurance starts out with where you live. If you live in an expensive area you can expect to have a higher home insurance rate. That’s because even if your home isn’t quite as expensive as the ones around it, vandals and robbers might be attracted to that area because of your neighbors’ net worth. Plus, the cost of a home affects the home insurance price. That’s because your home is insured for how much it would cost to replace it. So this is a factor when getting home insurance. Don’t make a mistake of thinking that you can insure it for less than what it is worth to replace.

Another thing you can do is pick a home that is either in a gated community or an area that has an HOA which is a homeowner’s association. Home insurance companies love this type of thing because there are more protections for the local homeowners in this situation. With a gated community no one gets in or out without the approval of the security guard and there is a fence to keep everything out. With an HOA there is often a neighborhood watch association type of thing to keep an eye on the neighborhood.

Another thing that insurance companies love to see is if a member of your household is retired. That’s because that person will be around more and they will be able to catch something before it goes wrong and gets too bad. Leaks go unnoticed by busy parents who don’t have time to investigate that weird small until it is way too late. Fires get out of control when there is nobody home for 10 or 12 hours in a day. If you want to feel safe in your home, having someone around is the right answer because you can see that they want to make a good contribution to the household even if that means relaxing at home!

Probably the best thing that you can do for your home insurance needs is to quit smoking. Smoking is an expensive habit in so many ways. First of all, cigarettes themselves cost a lot. In some places like NYC they can cost up to $20 per pack. If you’ve got a pack-a-day habit that’s over $100 you are spending on them each week. Wow that is a lot of dough. Then, your health costs will be more expensive. Not only will your health insurance cost more but your health will be worse so you will need to pay for more healthcare things. Even with insurance in that area you may still end up paying a bit of money! Next, your life insurance rates will go sky high from smoking because it does lower your life expectancy. And finally, smoking at home does cause higher home insurance rates. That’s because matches, lighters and lit cigarettes can cause fires pretty easily and that is dangerous. However, if you quit smoking you can save a lot in all of these areas of your life. It really does sound like a pretty good idea, doesn’t it?

So you can also be proactive and lower your home insurance rates too. If you add some security features to your home you can definitely expect to get lower rates. One of these things is to install a sprinkler fire suppression system in your home. This is great because it will lessen the damage from any fires that develop in your home. Sure, it may cause some water damage but that is usually considered better to many people than having everything disintegrate in hot flames. If you add a good security alarm that will help too. That can alert the police when someone breaks into your home or tries to steal something which makes for a great home insurance discount.

The best way to find the answer to the question what is the cheapest home insurance is to get multiple home insurance quotes. If you do not do this how will you know if you are truly getting the cheapest rate on your home coverage? It would truly be impossible to tell. Shopping around is often defined as the number one way to save money on your home insurance and get covered for cheap.

If you truly want the cheapest home insurance for you then you will probably want to take a drastic measure like raising your home insurance deductible. The deductible is the part of your coverage that you will actually have to pay out before the coverage takes effect. Most people choose $500 or $1000 but if you pick $2000 or more you could have a cheaper rate. However, it’s important to be realistic because you never know what type of situation you will be in when you actually need to use your home insurance. Having a higher deductible makes for lower monthly costs but it’s important to not go too drastic with your update to your policy.

The other thing that can save you money is bundling your home and auto insurance policies. Many companies give you a big discount for doing this because they appreciate your business and they want you to have the convenience of having all of your insurance in one place. They also make it even easier to save money just by having auto-pay or paperless billing. Companies like to give discounts for these things that can save them a bunch on overhead. They also give big discounts if you want to pay your premium in one big chunk rather than monthly installments. It’s a good idea to try any of these things to whittle down the cost of your home insurance policy.

If you have an older home you can make some improvements to make it more disaster resistant. There are ways to retrofit a home to make it withstand earthquakes and impact resistant roofing that is great for windy weather and hail. If you update your heating and cooling equipment, as well as the wiring of your home you could save big here as well because those things, when they are older, do add to your home insurance costs overall.

Having good credit gives you cheap home insurance too. It seems unfortunate because those with poor credit often have financial difficulties, but they have to pay more for many things due to their negative credit. However, improving your credit score can help you to get the cheapest home insurance you’ve ever had! All you have to do is make sure to pay your bills on time and build a good credit history.

There are other discounts too. Some insurers give you home insurance discounts just for signing up! Sometimes these new client discounts last for as long as two years. Other companies give you discounts just for sticking around, and those discounts kick in after you’ve been a member for a few years. There are also discounts available to those who have been claims free for a number of years. You can’t really control whether or not you will have claims or not, but if you can take some of the precautions listed here you might be less likely to have a problem.

So now are you ready to find out what is the cheapest home insurance for you and your particular situation? If that sounds like a good idea which it should, you just need to put your zip code into the form on our home page and find out just how much money you can save.

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