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What is Car Insurance for Women

Do women need their own special car insurance? The short answer is no. The long answer is that it’s a very negative stereotype that women “can’t drive” or that they are not able to pay attention to the road. The truth is that in every group of people, there are good drivers and bad drivers. Whether you are a man, woman or somewhere else on the gender spectrum, you need car insurance just like everyone else. You will even notice that in most areas of the US, the rates for men and women are fairly similar. Younger guys will find that their rates are higher because they are actually known to be more reckless drivers and they are not afraid to file big claims for everything they need.

When it comes to car insurance for women chicks will be happy to know that over their lifetime women will pay less than men for car insurance for the aforementioned reason. The statistics do not lie, and you know that because you can bet car insurance actuaries will get their statistics completely correct! The numbers show that women are less risky drivers. They are less likely to get into an accident, less likely to get a DUI, and they buy more reasonably priced cars that don’t cost as much to insure. Who knows the full reason for this, but this is what the stats show and we could not disagree with them.

Take for example the statistic that in 2012 71% of all car accident deaths were male. In addition, 38% of men in car accidents had a high blood alcohol level versus 20% of women. So you see the numbers do not lie, women really deserve their lower car insurance rates.

Car Insurance for Women is a myth because car insurance companies have to offer their car insurance to everyone regardless of their gender. However, women do get a better deal on car insurance which is great! They deserve it. If you’re a chick you don’t need to apply to any specific companies to get car insurance. Just get a quote for the one you want!

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