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Old Car Insurance at General Insurance

Old car insurance doesn’t mean a dusty old and irrelevant car insurance plan. It actually means a car insurance plans that is for your old car! If you have a classic car or an antique vehicle you will want to get this type of coverage because it will make it so great for you to feel safe with your beautiful car collection. You have probably put a lot of effort into this collection and maybe you have even done a lot of the work on it yourself. This type of insurance will protect not only your financial investment but also your emotional one!

When you have a collector car there are many reasons why you will want old car insurance over a new car insurance lan. First of all, this type of insurance is sold by people who really know cars. They know what you want and they are here to give it to you!! They know that you need a company with roadside assistance who isn’t going to tow your precious cargo on some tow truck. No, they are going to come with a flat bed truck that has special straps that will be gentle on your car and hold it in place softly but firmly. They also know how hard it is to replace the specific parts for your vehicle, so they are here to help you find them. Some of these speciality insurance companies even stock the parts themselves because they know how much you want to see them and get your car moving ASAp.

The main company that provides this type of coverage is Hagerty. They have different options that are special to people who own these types of vehicles and they are well known for their excellence in this domain, however, there are other companies who do it too so if you need it just ask. It might be better to go with a company that you already have some other coverage with because you could get a bundling discount. If you want to see your options you will just have to get a free quote which is something we offer quite easily right here. You just fill out the form and voila, you’ll be connected to some information that might save you a whole lot of money.

Now if you have a truly old car that is really a junker, you don’t need this special type of insurance. Old cars that aren’t worth much actually need less insurance because you don’t have to replace it if it gets damaged, because almost any damage even the smallest dent is likely to be worth more than the total of the car, so even a small repair needed will render the car “totalled.” So in that case you just need to get the minimum mandated by your state and that’s it!

Get your free car insurance quote here whether you have an old junker or a totally flashy old car that has been fixed up and worked on by a special eye. Protect your collection or your hunk of junk with a free quote for car insurance.

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