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When you want to get the cheapest home insurance you have already come to the right place. General Insurance is a one-stop shop for everything related to home insurance and how to get covered. You can easily find all the information that you need and not only that but you will also get free quotes that will lead you to getting the cheapest home insurance possible.

So before you can get the cheapest home insurance you have to know all about home insurance, don’t you? So here is everything you need to know.

What It Encompasses

First of all you need to know what is included in home insurance. The most basic type of thing that is included is dwelling coverage. This is coverage for your home, which makes sense because it is called home insurance, after all! Home insurance covers things like water damage to your home or incidences of vandalism that do something like break a window. You can also get coverage for the other buildings on your property that usually covered under other structures.

The next important aspect of home insurance is liability coverage. If something happens to someone on your property they may sue you or they may have big medical expenses to cover. If this happens you do not want to be responsible for it out of your own pocket. That could really ruin your financially for a while. Liability coverage on home insurance will help you out so you can keep your savings and dough.

There is also personal property coverage. You cover your home so you should also cover your belongings. These are things that you may have spent a lot of money on like furniture and electronics. If you have ever had something stolen or damaged then you know that it is a pain to replace it and put out the money that you have already spent on it. So, get personal property coverage so you don’t have to do that!

You can also get extra coverage for medical payments. This is something that will cover you for anything that happens on your property whether or not someone is suing you. It’s a great idea just to have it to help out in the case that something happens.

What it does not include

There are several things that regular home insurance plans do not include. Luckily you can always add coverage for whatever it is that you need. Here are the things that are not included in home insurance usually.

Flood insurance is not included in home insurance policies. It is a good idea to add on this coverage no matter where you live because now, even areas that have not been prone to flooding before have been flooding during extreme storms and bad weather. So everyone should get flood insurance because you never know when something is going to wash away your house and home. Replacing it is so hard and getting over flood damage is something that some people give up on because it is such a hassle and they didn’t have flood insurance. So, just get it. It’s the smart thing to do.

Wind insurance is often not included in places where they have strong windy storms like hurricanes or tornadoes. You can get this coverage extra when you live in these places and it’s a good idea because the wind could blow a tree onto your garage or something else could happen! If you haven’t had this type of coverage and you live in this type of area you should get it as soon as possible.

Earthquake coverage or any coverage for “movement of the earth” is not included in most home insurance policies except for those in Florida where the companies are required to cover sinkholes. If you live in a mining area you will definitely want to get covered for sinkholes because they can develop suddenly and suck up cars and houses. You should also get covered for earthquakes even if you live in a place that isn’t traditionally known for that like California or Alaska. Some places have seen an increase in earthquakes that most people attribute to fracking but of course no one is really sure why they are happening. Either way, do some research about the likelihood of earthquakes in your area and make sure that you are covered if it seems possible.

There are also some extreme things that will not be covered under your insurance no matter what. These are things that are so destructive but also so rare that they are not likely to happen. They are things like nuclear accidents, war acts and a combination of the two as nuclear war. Also civil unrest is something that most home insurance policies do not cover which is a little more likely as that could be something as simple as having your windows smashed during a protest.

Some things are just too wild to get covered but they are so unlikely to happen. There’s a reason why they don’t even mention alien invasions of the zombie apocalypse in home insurance plans either. They are just not likely to happen.


So now that you know all about home insurance you are probably asking yourself “but how can I get the cheapest home insurance?” Well there are many ways to save and all of them are pretty easy to achieve. Some are best done when you are considering where you are going to buy your house or what kind of house you are going to get. Others are things you can do when you already have your house.

Before you buy your house you should pick out some qualities of the home that will keep your home insurance rates low. First of all you can pick out a home in a gated community or one that is part of a homeowner’s association. Insurance companies like this because you can see that people are around to keep an eye on things. Gated communities don’t let just anyone in or out for that matter so even if someone did get in to be able to do some type of damage, they would get stuck at the gate trying to get out, now wouldn’t they! So because of these reasons home insurance in these areas is lower because they are generally safer.

There are also discounts given for new or refurbished homes. That’s because all of the building materials are up to code and modern. That means that there is less likelihood of something going wrong and causing some kind of a fire or other damage. Plus, there are less likely to be things that change in your local ordinances that will cause home insurance payouts.

Other discounts can be given simply for being alumni of a certain school or a member of a certain organization. There are also hefty discounts that are often given for people who bundle their different types of insurances which is a really smart idea. Some companies offer a discount of 5 or even 10 percent that is quite a lot. Another really simple way to save is to go with paperless billing or even auto pay. Some people also pay their premium in one lump sum, which helps them to save quite a bit as well.

The final major way to save is to quit smoking. Not only is it an awesome idea for your health in general, but it is a great way to save on your home insurance. That’s because smoking brings with it a greater risk of a fire because you have to light things on fire to smoke! Plus, cigarettes can cause fires if you fall asleep when you are smoking which is pretty common. It’s a scary thing to think about but you can avoid it and save money in a lot of different areas of your life from quitting!

So now you know all of the best ways to get the cheapest home insurance rates. General Insurance is here to help you save so you don’t have to worry about how your rates will affect your overall financial situation. When you buy a house you consider the mortgage payment but you don’t consider the home insurance that is a big factor too! All you have to do is to fill out the easy form we have on the site. All you do is put in your zip code and a few other pieces of information before you get sent to a page that has all the companies offering home insurance in your area. Then you can easily get free quotes from those companies so you can save. Could it be any easier? Probably not! If you haven’t tried it yet then you are probably wondering how you can save, but the answer is really as easy as pie so get it done and get covered today.

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