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Get Cheap Homeowners Insurance At General Insurance

Cheap homeowners insurance is something that most homeowners strive for. They want to have great coverage because they know that it can be a big expense from year to year. When you want to save on your coverage, most companies are not surprised. That’s why they offer a plethora of discounts that lots of people tend to take advantage of. You can easily do this as long as you are a homeowner who is searching for homeowner’s coverage. Find out how you can save by getting free quotes from General Insurance.

So, how can you save? Luckily we are here to give you this imperative information.

Retirement Discount

Companies love it when you retire because that means you will spend a lot of time at home. Whether you are watching the birds out your window, watching TV or starting a whole new business, retirees typically take better care of their homes simply because they have more time. If you are 55 and older, or you are younger than that and retired, see how much you can save on your home insurance. Not every company offers this type of discount, but many do.

New Plans

If you sign up for a new insurance plan for your home you could easily save a lot of money. Some companies give a discount for the first few years of your plan simply because they are so grateful for you to join them in their quest for good coverage. They really know how to treat their clients! Again, only some companies offer this discount, not all of them, so make sure you check out your specific situation.


When you protect your home extra well from certain things like fire and theft episodes, you can save a lot on your home owners insurance. If you do something like have great smoke detectors, an electronic security alarm or even a sprinkler system to suppress a fire if one should develop, you can get a discount. Some companies have even started to give discounts to people who have smart home devices that can be monitored and controlled from a far because you can tell what is going on even when you are not there.

New Home Discount

Most companies will give a discount to anyone who is buying a newly built home. These homes are less likely to have problems that will lead to claims, so that is why there can be as much as a 10% discount for this. You may also get a similar discount if some parts of your home have been refurbished or renewed recently, especially if all the wiring is new.

Early and Often

When you get cheap homeowners insurance before your current plan expires, some companies will give you 5-10% off. You can see how there are easy ways to save if you are on top of your business and know the dates when your things will be expiring. All it takes is a call to our phone line on the right day!

Claim Free

When you stay claim free you can really save a lot. Most companies give a discount of anywhere from 10-20% if you haven’t had anything happen. It’s kind of like a good driver discount for car insurance. If you can stay claims free, that will definitely help you a lot. However, things happen so this isn’t a discount that everyone can hold onto for forever!

Now that you know how to save make sure that you get covered through General Insurance because we offer the most variety in online home insurance quotes and sales. Call us up or use our simple online form to get quotes and save as soon as possible.

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