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Find Cheap Home Insurance At General Insurance

Those who need to find cheap home insurance are smart when they come to General Insurance. This is a one stop shop for the best information about homeowners coverage that will really make a difference in your wallet. You can save a lot by shopping around and finding multiple quotes to suit your budget. You can save just by switching because some companies give you discounts for the first few years of your plans.

There are so many things that you can do to save that it would be hard to list them all in one article, but we are certainly going to try. There are countless other informational points on General Insurance about the best ways to save on home insurance, so be sure to read other articles about how to find cheap home insurance!


When you get multiple types of insurance through one company you will definitely save big. You can get your car coverage, your homeowners and flood insurance and save on all three. Most companies really value loyalty because they want customers to stay with them for a long time. It’s a really easy thing to do because then you only have to go to one place on the web or phone to get information about all your insurance plans.

Auto Pay

Many companies will give you a discount just for going with paperless billing or auto pay. This is because it does save them quite a bit in overhead and that’s how they like it. They are willing to pass on the savings to you and show you what you can save just by being a bit more eco-friendly. Putting your bills on auto-pay is a good idea anyways because that way you’ll never miss a payment, and even better if you could save more!

Claims Free

Just like with car insurance, when you have no claims you can save really big on your home insurance plans. You have much less control over what happens to your home because of random weather and damage than you do about your car because you can try to be a good driver. You never know when something is going to happen so it is good to switch when you have been claims free for a while!

Planning Ahead

If you sign up for home insurance before your current plan expires you can get coverage for cheaper. Some companies give up to a 10% discount for this, so it’s important to mark on your calendar when you want to check it out. Finding out how many discounts there are for home insurance is pretty exhilarating when you think about how much you can save.

New and Reconstructed Homes

If you are living in a new home you will get a steep discount because those homes are often safer. They are built up to modern safety codes and thus they won’t need any emergency work due to wiring problems or water damage from broken appliances. Remodeled homes are also a great way to save because of similar reasons, though the discount may not be quite as steep.

Protect Yourself

When you protect yourself against some preventable aspects of homeownership pitfalls, you can also save a lot when you need to find cheap home insurance. Doing things like installing a fire sprinkler system or an electronic alarm for burglars and break ins can lower your home insurance rates lickity split.

Plan When You Buy

Different types of homes have great rates on home insurance. If you want to save, buy a home in a gated community because those are much safer and less likely to experience certain things like theft. They also have things like neighborhood watch and security guards to keep things even more under a watchful eye.

Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is the ultimate way to save when you want to save money on any type of insurance whether it is health, home or life coverage. You can stop smoking using help from your doctor if you are motivated. You will save on your home insurance in this instance because you are much less likely to have a fire in your home that is caused by matches, a lighter or a lit cigarette falling on the floor. Stop smoking if not for your own health, then to save money on all sorts of various types of insurance coverage.

So now that you know all about the different types of discounts available you are ready to find cheap home insurance. Use our free form to find quotes from multiple agencies and companies or use our phone line to chat with a representative for free. You can compare rates and get the best type of coverage that you need. If you still need more information, browse around the General Insurance site to find out everything you ever wanted to know about every single type of insurance including homeowners, health insurance, car coverage and more!

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