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Discount Car Insurance at General Insurance

When most people buy car insurance they tend to wonder where they can get Discount car insurance. Now there is no such thing as a discount car insurance plan in the way that you would get a deep discount at a discount store, but most insurance companies do offer some pretty serious discounts that you can definitely take advantage of if you are aware of them. Luckily for you we are here to make you aware of them!

Loyalty Discounts

This is a special type of discount that is available to people who are very loyal to one company. This could include a discount that is because you have bundled several insurance services with the company, or because you have multiple cars insured with the company. Some companies also give you a discount if you renew with them before your time has expired because they are happy that you will be going with them again.

Driving History Discounts

These are some of the most steep discounts you can get, because when car insurance companies know that you are a good driver, they are pretty stoked. When you have been accident free for a while or you don’t even use your car that much because you work from home, then you will be able to get some discount car insurance.

Equipment Discounts

What type of equipment you have for your car can really affect how much people want to give you a discount. If you have an anti theft device in your car, or anti-lock brakes, you can expect to save up to 20% off car insurance. Even some newer green cars like electrics or hybrids get a big discount because everyone knows they are so good for the environment.

Payment Options

If you pay in full instead of monthly you may be eligible for a big discount. That’s because car insurance companies are happier knowing that you have paid than wondering if you will be able to pay. They also tend to give discounts if you choose autopay or if you go paperless, because that tends to save them money in the long run.

All of these are excellent ways to get discount car insurance which is readily available as long as you fill out the free form for a quote on General Insurance. We have access to the rates that you want to see from specialized car insurance companies who can help you get the best coverage possible. Once you are covered you will feel more safe and confident on the road.

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