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Comprehensive Car Insurance Defined

When you hear the term comprehensive car insurance you may assume that it is talking about car insurance in general. However, this is actually an optional component of car insurance that you can choose not to get. If your car is leased or financed you will probably be required to get this type of coverage because the companies want to protect their investments. However if you are the full on owner of the vehicle you will not need to get it because it’s up to you! Some people, especially those with older cars that would likely be totalled in the event of an accident due to their low value choose to eschew this coverage.to save on their car insurance premiums.

So, what is comprehensive car insurance?

It is a special type of coverage that will help to cover you in the case of some pretty weird things happening. If your car gets stolen, comprehensive will help to replace it. It also helps repairs due to vandalism. If it gets burned in a fire whether it is a house fire or a wildfire, it can help repair or replace, and if something random falls on it you’d be covered. So, meteors, bring on your best! Other things it helps with is natural disasters like tornados and hurricanes, animals who get a little too friendly with your vehicle and anything caused by a civil disturbance which could be a rowdy post-game riot or a violent gunfight that shatters your windshield by accident. The point is, comprehensive coverage is something that can really help you.

You Need More Than Comprehensive

Comprehensive Car Insurance covers a lot of things, but it doesn’t cover everything. You still need to have your normal liability coverage which will cover damage to other cars and people due to collisions. You will also want to get collision insurance which will cover your car in case you hit something like an inanimate object, and you may want to get some medical coverage for yourself too. Don’t skimp on car insurance because by getting fully covered you may pay a few more dollars now but you will not have to pay so much later on!

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