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Budget Car Insurance at General Insurance

What do you need to look for in budget car insurance? People want to save big on auto coverage but they don’t want to skimp on any of the services or coverages that auto insurance companies offer. Luckily most states have a bare minimum of certain types of coverage that you will need, which is a good guideline to go by. However, there are two states which don’t actually require any coverage at all. If you live in these states you should still get coverage because you never know what could happen and you do not want to be responsible for so many costs associated with accidents and bad things happening to your car! Here are the different facets of this insurance type.


Liability is the biggest component of budget car insurance. If you only have one type of car insurance coverage on your budget car insurance plan, this should be it. You need to have these! The main types of liability coverage are bodily injury liability and property damage. Bodily injury covers any injuries to other people that may result from an accident that is your fault. Property damage liability covers any damage to another person’s car from an accident that is your fault. It’s important because you never know what could happen. You consider yourself a good driver but there could be that one moment of distracted driving that leads to an accident where you are at fault.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Most states do not require this type of coverage but it is a good one to get. This covers you in case you get in an accident that is someone else’s fault, but they don’t have enough insurance to cover you. You shouldn’t have to pay the price just because someone else isn’t responsible enough to get car insurance. You have done your due diligence to protect yourself and others financially so you shouldn’t be on the hook if you get in an accident with someone who hasn’t done the same.


This type of coverage is pretty important as well. It covers you in case anything happens to your car like a fire, theft or damage from a natural disaster. It can even help to replace your car in the case that something absolutely outrageous happens like it gets swept away in a flood or stolen totalled by some vandals. This type of coverage is considered a choice for your budget car insurance, but it’s always a good option because you never know what is going to happen to your vehicle that you depend on day in and day out.

Collision Coverage

You have coverage for someone else’s car if you get in an accident through property liability, but what about your car? Collision coverage helps to get your car fixed after an accident even if it was your fault. It also helps you in the case that your car is damaged from a collision with some inanimate object like a telephone pole or tree. When it comes to budget car insurance plans this type of coverage is a choice but if you lease your car or have been lent some money by an institution to purchase it, they may require you to get it in order to protect your investment which is still theirs until you are done paying it off.

Medical Coverage

Some budget car insurance shoppers get confused easily. They believe that the bodily injury liability will cover them if they get into an accident. However, it is only for other people that you hit if you are at fault for the accident. Medical coverage is for you and your passengers. It’s a really good idea to get it because otherwise you might be left in the lurch having to pay for medical expenses for you and a bunch of other people if there were a lot of people in your car at the time of the accident.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

This type of coverage is only available in certain states. It’s something that is similar to medical coverage but it can also protect you against lost income from the inability to work after an accident and even child care expenses if you’re unable to do all the tasks associated with taking care of a kid due to your injuries. While this might considered “extra” coverage on your car insurance plan, it’s still a good idea to get it. See, they have really thought of every type of coverage that you will need for a budget car insurance plan.

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