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The Best Cheap Homeowners Insurance

If you are looking for home insurance you are probably in search of the best cheap homeowners insurance. Who wouldn’t want to save as much as possible in the pursuit of protecting their home from everything that you don’t even know could happen to it! Well, if you’re looking for the best and cheapest you will definitely have to do some research because what that is, is different for every area and different types of homes. Luckily for you, we here at General Insurance have got some of the top information for you about this very topic.

Some people say that Amica is the best cheap homeowners insurance. It has a consumer reports reader score of 94 out of 100, which is very high. They also have a score from JD Power & Associates of 5/5, which is the best there can be. In many areas, they are the cheapest option for home insurance. The company was founded in 1907 and AMICA stands for the Automobile Mutual Insurance Company of America. Now they have just shortened it to Amica and they have expanded from just cars to just about anything under the sun. They offer the possibility of 10 discounts, which is more than most of their competitors. If you use paperless billing, you can get a discount that is convenient because most people these days just pay their bills online. They also offer discounts for safety things too, like sprinklers and other things you will definitely want to consider.

Another company to consider for the best cheap homeowners insurance is Allstate. This is one company you probably know more about due to their commercials for insurance. They are well known and have been offering different forms of insurance coverage since 1931, so it seems like by now, they know what they are doing! Of all the home owners insurance companies out there, Allstate seems to offer the most discounts. However, it’s ratings are good, but not quite as good as Amica. Allstate is great for first time customers because they offer a 2-year discount just for signing up as long as you are a new customer. You can even save just for shopping for new coverage before your policy expires! It’s a really good way to save and they clearly know the value of their customers!

State Farm is also frequently listed as one of the best cheap homeowners insurance companies. They have the phrase “like a good neighbor State Farm is there.” And they are there for you. That’s because they have local agents who will be there for you and who will help you in your time of need. As they are focused on great customer service it would only make sense that they are truly focused on getting you a very personalized home insurance quote. Their ratings are decent but not quite as good as the others, but you can expect that you will get great service and personalized quotes from them.

Another option for cheap home insurance is usually a local company that is a bit smaller than these national giants. Consider, for example, Erie. They have great rates and their officers and managers know what the people in the states they serve need, because they are, in fact, those people! Make sure you do your research and get all the coverage you need at a price that works for you by reading all the information offered on General Insurance and getting as many quotes as you want from the top home insurance companies.

So now you know something about the companies, now you need to know something about what home insurance entails. There are many components and learning about all of them will make it easier to choose what you need.

The main component of homeowners insurance is dwelling coverage. This covers your house and everything about it. If something happens like vandalism or a strong storm that ruins things, you can expect this type of coverage to take effect and bring you some relief. You can also get coverage for other buildings on your property like sheds etc. which is usually listed as “other structures.”

Liability insurance is another big component of coverage. This is where you get coverage for things that happen to other people on your property. This will take effect if you get sued because your dog bit someone, or someone tripped and fell and now they want money. It will also help you if you or a member of your family damages property belonging to someone else. It’s an unlikely event but an important one. There is also something called guest medical coverage. This is for people who get injured on your property but they do not want to sue you. It can still help them pay for their medical bills, which is very useful.

Loss of use coverage will cover you in case your home is so badly damaged that you can’t even stay in it. This will help you to cover temporary living costs like a hotel or rental apartment for the time being until your home is repaired.

So these are the basic types of home insurance coverage. If you know about these, you have a better understanding of what home insurance actually does. You can now understand that it gives you coverage for your home and other buildings on the property, protects you from liability and helps to pay for replacement housing while yours is getting fixed. There are some things that are decidedly not included in home insurance that you also need to know about.

Floods are not covered. With climate change, almost anywhere can become a flood zone as has been seen in recent disasters like the hurricane in Texas. Even if you aren’t in a designated flood zone you probably still want to get flood insurance because anything can happen! Another thing that is not covered at all are earthquakes. More and more places are becoming prone to quakes because of different environmental factors, meaning that you will want to get covered for this too, especially if you live in one of these places. Landslides and sinkholes are not covered either, except for in the state of Florida where they are required coverage. Wind damage is another thing that requires separate coverage, especially in areas with hurricanes.

Unfortunately things like mold or termites may not be covered by insurance either! Make sure you find out all the information you need. Other factors that are caused by neglected maintenance like burst pipes and sewer backup are also not usually covered. Nuclear disasters are not covered either, nor are “acts of war.” This is not usually a concern but with tensions running as high as they are, who knows what could happen. Also, if you want to have certain dog breeds, they will not be covered for dog bites. These usually include breeds like Pit Bulls or Dobermans. However, with all of these lacks in coverage there is always the option to add more coverage that will actually get them covered.

Make sure you are covered to the extent that you need and you will be happy with your best cheap homeowners insurance! Signing up is as easy as filling out a simple form or calling our number for free quotes. Make sure to get a bunch of quotes because that is how you will make sure you are getting the best price possible. Find out how to do it all through us because we are here to get you the best rates and give you all the information you need to make an informed decision. Come back to General Insurance to stay updated on all of your home insurance needs, and get a completely free home insurance quote anytime you need a new policy.

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