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The Best Car Insurance Quotes Over The Phone

What does it mean if you get a car insurance quote over the phone? Well it means the same thing as if you get one online or in person. It simply means that you are well on your way to getting car insurance. General Insurance has many options to get you an estimate of what your car insurance might cost which is another way of saying a quote. There is a phone number to call to speak with an agent who will assist you, but the fastest way to get your car insurance quote would probably be to fill out the free form on our site to get multiple quotes from multiple companies.

When you get a car insurance quote you’ll need some information. You will have to have your social security number ready because the car insurance companies like to know your credit score. You will also have to know your driver’s license number so that they may look up your driving record and see if you’ve got anything on there. Even if you don’t have a good score or record don’t worry because there are companies who specialize in getting you insurance even under the least advantageous circumstances.

You will also have to provide information about your car. The make, model and year are very important because some different cars are harder to fix and cost more. That might make your rates higher. The other thing you will need to provide information on is what type of parking you have on a daily basis and where you store your car. People also want to know how far you tend to drive in a year and how much you drive on a daily basis because that helps them to determine the likelihood that you might get into an accident.

So if you have all of this information at the ready, get a car insurance quote over the phone or online here at General Insurance. It’s both easy and free, and it will get you safe on the road!

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