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All About Health Insurance Rates

The Basics Of Health Insurance Rates

There are many reasons that protection is important when it comes to your health. Sometimes unexpected things happen to people. In fact, they happen to most people. Whether it is an illness, a car accident, or another type of accident, there are ways to make sure the costs are not overwhelming and that you are well taken care of. When an incident happens, costs and expenses are soon to follow. Being well researched and getting the right policy is important. So is value. At General Insurance, we want you to understand how your health insurance rates are affected by different variables.

Healthcare coverage premiums have been going up for over ten years. After the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the number of factors that affected your health insurance costs went down a lot.

Important Factors Affecting Rates

Your Deductible: This is how much comes out of your pocket before your insurance plan starts to cover some of the costs. When looking for premiums, the deductible is usually right next to the plan name. Keep in mind that emergency room care is expensive, so having a plan with a large deductible means that you could end up spending that deductible amount all at once.

Your Age: As you get older, your health insurance premium is likely to go up,

Other Factors: Some things have been proven to increase health risks. These include factors like smoking. If you were previously a smoker, but have not smoked for a long time it may not affect your rates.

Location: The cost of healthcare treatment in your area has an effect on your premium.

Gender: This is also a factor when it comes to how much your health insurance company charges.

Preventative Care: Most plans now include preventative care visits in their entirety. It is still a good idea to check and make sure. Preventative care can catch problems early and save both you and your insurance company money. They can also save you a lot of stress and hassle.

Perscription Plan: How many medications you take will have an impact on what sort of plan you want to look for in regards to prescription medication. You will also want to check that the medications (or suitable generics) are covered under the plans you consider.

Keep in mind that vision insurance and dental insurance are not covered under your medical insurance plan. Often, pairing these plans under the same company can help save money in the form of discounted health insurance rates. We are happy to answer any questions you have about any type of insurance.

As of December 2017, there is some uncertainty as to how health insurance rates will be affected over the next year. There is a lot of legislation being introduced, and research into the effects of what is passed are being constantly looked at. Regardless of what happens, we are happy to assist you with your healthcare needs. To talk to our qualified professionals and find the plan that fits you best, contact us today.

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